Compared to other functional spaces in the house, the bathroom/toilet has a high frequency of use. The interior design of the bathroom requires ensuring functionality and convenience. Whether the bathroom decoration is reasonable or not also greatly affects the quality of life for you and your family. VTstone provides suggestions for you to refer to and design a bathroom for your home.


– Choose the appropriate color scheme

The appropriate bathroom color helps to increase the aesthetics. In addition, using your favorite color will make you more relaxed and comfortable.

The most popular color palette for bathroom furniture is porcelain white, combined with shiny metal materials to create a luxurious and modern look for the space. White and soft monochromatic colors give a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

– Ensure good technical system:

Water pipes: fixed to the wall or floor need to be installed correctly and scientifically.

Electrical equipment: It is necessary to install and arrange electrical equipment in the bathroom carefully, to avoid electric leakage. When using a water heater, there must be a ground wire, aptomat to ensure safety.

– Bathroom interior design ensures ventilation

The typical feature of the bathroom is a place with high humidity, so it is necessary to design with ventilation to overcome this situation. Large windows or a good ventilation fan system is the best option, especially designing large windows for the bathroom also provides natural light, limiting the growth of mold that prefers humid, dark conditions.

– Choosing furniture for the bathroom

Wall mounted cabinets/shelves: Storage space is a challenge in bathroom design. Wall-mounted cabinets will be an effective solution in this case.

Mirrors: Mirrors are always a great choice to expand small spaces. A large mirror will trick the eye to help the space open up and provide light to create an airy space for the whole room.

The optimal choice for integration between wall cabinets / shelves and mirrors is vanity cabinets. Vanity cabinets are often integrated with sinks, faucets or hanging mirrors, … to help your bathroom become modern and neat.

In particular, in environments with high humidity and easy infection such as bathrooms, choosing an interior device with durable, beautiful and antibacterial materials is a necessity. Vanity Vietnam cabinets made from Vietnamese granite are the perfect choice for your bathroom

– Choose sanitary equipment that best meets your needs

Today, sanitary equipment for bathrooms is not only toilets, wash basins, showers, mirrors, bathtubs, but also massage tubs, saunas… The selection of sanitary equipment must be based on based on the area of ​​the premises, the needs of the owner, the preferences of the owner and the financial conditions.


Vietnam  vanity is made from Vietnam granite with many advantages such as saving space, creating more space for use in the bathroom, ensuring no deformation in high humidity conditions…

To buy quality Vietnam granite vanity cabinets, please choose from Vietnam granite vanity top.

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