When choosing a washbasin for your bathroom, you are facing many choices, not only in the type and style of the washbasin but also in the price. With this article, VTStone hopes to help you choose the right  for your bathroom.


The washbasin plays an important role in every bathroom. Regardless of whether it is a modern luxury bathroom or just an ordinary simple bathroom. The washbasin represents an important element, being the center of the bathroom arrangement as well as the activities taking place inside. The washbasin needs to be modern and functional, but how do we choose the right one?

Here are some types of washbasins that you can consider and choose for your bathroom:

– The washbasins stand alone

Stand-alone washbasins belong to the group of bathroom components that can be adjusted with other items and easily arranged for the best fit. They come in a wide variety of styles, designs, sizes and materials. Stand-alone washbasins create solid simplicity, matching the minimalist interior style.

– Modern spacious washbasins

In today’s large modern bathrooms, more and more bathrooms have washbasins placed on tables, especially wooden ones. However, the wooden table top must be sturdy, high quality to ensure the longevity of the product, because the bathroom is a wet space. Of course, these washbasins can be a bit more expensive than standard standard washbasins.

– Multi-purpose washbasins

New design trends require versatility in each interior device and of course, the washbasin is also gradually improved, integrating multi-function. An integrated washbasin with a mirror and a shelf is the ultimate device, bringing harmony and comfort to your bathroom. This device is the vanity cabinet.

VTStone’s Vietnam vanity is made of high quality granite, giving you a bathroom appliance with many outstanding uses such as:

– Vietnam vanity is a 3-in-1 integrated product, helping to save space, creating more space to use in the bathroom. This product is extremely suitable for bathrooms with small spaces.

– Vietnam vanity has a closed storage compartment, helping to preserve utensils to avoid contact with water and bacteria, ensuring safety for health.

– Vietnam vanity is made from Vietnam granite – a durable and high-quality material, resistant to deformation in high humidity conditions. When unclean, Vietnam Granite is also very easy to clean and sterilize.

– The design of Vietnam vanity has cabinet doors, drawers that open and close gently and easily. The door opening angle is more than 90 degrees for easier access.

– More than just a cabinet, VTstone’s Vietnam vanity is also an interior device that elevates your bathroom. With diverse designs, models and high aesthetics, VTstone’s Vietnam vanity are suitable for all interior design styles.


Vietnam vanity with outstanding advantages have become indispensable furniture in the bathroom space of every family. VTStone is in Vietnam Granite monument vanity tops by:

– VTstone is a unit directly manufacturing and manufacturing Vietnam Vanity. We have a factory with a team of skilled workers and technicians, and the production process meets quality standards. Customers only need to provide the technical parameters, we will manufacture and deliver the correct order to the customer’s hand.

– We can accept large orders with the shortest possible construction time, ensuring on-time delivery. Global delivery.

– VTstone is a direct distributor, without intermediaries, ensuring the best price list in the market. Good price policy with large orders and long-term partners.

– We are the supplier of interior equipment for many projects of famous partners such as: Hilton hotel group, Holiday Inn hotel, Courtyard Marriott hotel brand, …

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