Artificial quartz stone is a mixture made up of natural stone powder and colloids such as epoxy, corada, dioxide and solid surface (a large proportion), …. After forming a large mass, This mixture is cut into slap sheets and polished one-sided, while adding waterproof properties.

VTStone quartz stone contains over 90% natural quartz aggregate, produced by modern technology and with its own process, with absolute consistency, extremely low water absorption, so it does not create an environment for bacteria live, have hardness, waterproof, scratch resistant many times higher than other flooring materials.



The kitchen countertops is made from quartz stone of VTStone with high hardness, good bearing capacity is a great choice in your interior architectural design.

Environmental friendliness

Instead of using furniture with a short lifespan, which generates a lot of waste that is harmful to the environment, you can choose furniture made from quartz stone by VTStone. With a long shelf life, closed processing process and minimizing harmful waste to the environment, Quartz stone produced by VTStone’s-Vietnam quartz manufacturer process is considered the first choice for green building space.

Diversity of models

Quartz stone of VTStone with different designs, diverse color ranges, can be processed according to orders and adhere to customer requirements in accordance with many architectural styles.

Health safety

Quartz stone of VTStones- Vietnam quartz manufacter is used to craft interior products with full features of waterproofing, anti-bacteria, mildew-free environment, safe for health. In the composition table of quartz stone VTStone does not contain harmful substances, completely safe when using interior products made from this Vietnam quartz manufacter.

Easy to maintain

If natural stones that want to maintain beautiful durability need to be coated or periodically maintained, the ability to be waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-fouling helps VTStone quartz stone surface easily clean with a wet towel.

Easy application

Quartz is extremely strong, difficult to warp or corrode by chemicals. In areas affected by external force, temperature, humidity …; For example, the kitchen countertop, the kitchen cabinet, the vanity of quartz-based artificial quartz is the perfect choice to ensure users’ peace of mind.

In nature, very few Stones are resistant to moisture. Quartz-based artificial stone not only meets this condition well but is also dust-proof, easy to maintain and clean. Not only that, but stone also ensures high brightness, color fastness and cleanliness over time.


On the market today, there are many units specializing in supplying stone made from quartz stone, however, the most outstanding one is VTStones, because we provide a professional service with many advantages:

  • Processing with all interior equipment: our processing system meets all your needs for furniture from dining rooms to bathrooms and more.
  • The closed mining and processing, direct distribution channel facilitates the reduction of production costs, helping the product to have a competitive price compared to the market overview.
  • Good price policy for large orders and long-term partners.
  • Modern factory system, advanced technology allows us to shorten construction time and quickly deliver goods. We are also capable of delivering large orders in a short time.
  • Diverse designs, high aesthetics: we provide a variety of products according to your requirements: stone tables, vanity cabinets, …

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