The kitchen surface is the source of factors such as fire, water, impact and dirt, so when choosing kitchen countertop materials, people often tend to choose stone, especially granite. Below is an analysis and price list of Vietnam granite kitchen countertops.


Kitchen countertops are always very demanding in terms of tiling materials. This is an environment full of harsh elements such as water, temperature, humidity, mold, bacteria, friction and friction.

The right kitchen countertop material should be one that can withstand all of the above. Besides, the kitchen countertop is also a place that requires a very high aesthetic because it is the common living space of the whole family. Materials such as wood, stainless steel, and synthetic resins have too many weaknesses. These types of materials are often not resistant to high temperatures, the ones that can withstand it are unsightly.

Since then, stone has emerged as a perfect material, kitchen stone is much cheaper than wood, much stronger than plastic and much more luxurious than stainless steel.

On the market today there are many types of stone used for kitchen countertops, but granite is considered the most popular stone.

Reasons to choose Granite for kitchen countertops

– Hardness: Vietnam granite has a hardness of 7/10 on the Mohs scale, this is the hardness second only to diamond, so granite is not only used for kitchen countertops, but also used for kitchen countertops. some other types of works: Vietname vanity,… Vietnam granite outside has good impact resistance, high gloss.

– Vietnam granite countertops often place pots and pans at high temperatures, but high temperatures will not make Vietnam granite lose its inherent shine.

– Vietnam granite countertops are not dirty, waterproof, greaseproof, so it is easy to clean.

– Color: Vietnam granite has simple colors such as orange, black, gray… These colors combined with gentle patterns help granite slabs look very lively when used as kitchen countertops.

– Price: Granite is reasonably priced.


With many advantages, Vietnam granite meets the requirements of architects in interior design. Vietnam granite becomes the first choice in the construction industry.

To buy quality Vietnam granite products, you should choose a company that has a processing workshop combined with construction, because these companies always have new and quality stone samples.

Please trust to choose VTstones because we have:

– The process of processing Vietnam granite is closed, using high technology. We have a modern Vietnam granite factory with a team of highly skilled and professional technicians who ensure to provide the best products to customers. You just need to provide the product requirements and desired size, we will craft and send it to you.

– We own a direct distribution channel without intermediaries, minimizing costs, so we have the best price in the market. VTstone also has a good price policy for large orders and long-term partners.

– VTstone has a team of enthusiastic and professional consultants. The product images on the website are close to the real thing.

– We are the supplier of interior equipment for many projects of famous partners such as: Hilton hotel group, Holiday Inn hotel, Courtyard Marriott hotel brand, …

– We accept orders and deliver worldwide with fast delivery time, ensuring construction progress for your project

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