Appearing decades ago, granite surfaces have always been considered the first choice of many people when building a kitchen. With the material is 100% natural stone, granite kitchen countertops are not only durable but also considered a symbol of luxury and luxury.


What is Granite?

Granite is formed by the metamorphism of limestones, carbonate rocks, etc. Lava rocks melt at very high temperatures and when cooled, they form granular crystal structures. Granite ranges from pink to dark gray and black, depending on the chemical and mineral composition of the rock. Granite comes from the Latin word for grain to refer to the coarse grained structure of crystalline rock. In reality, the granite surface can be seen with speckled grains.

Advantages of Vietnam Granite

Hardness, high durability: Granite has the hardness second only to diamond in natural materials, granite can withstand high temperatures and withstand great pressure.


High gloss and aesthetics: Vietnam Granite has the ability to maintain high gloss over time. Granite also possesses unique and eye-catching veins. Therefore, to choose a product suitable for their projects, customers do not have to spend too much time.


Safe to use: Granite is a very safe material in construction. This line of materials does not contain toxic substances, and at the same time, the stone density is high, the porosity is low, so bacteria cannot penetrate.

Suitable for large areas: Vietnam Granite is large, limiting the joints, increasing the aesthetics of the architectural space.


Easy to clean and maintain: The surface of the stone is shiny, and it is difficult to scratch, so the stains are easy to clean, maintaining the beauty of the stone surface over time.


–The appearance of Vietnam Granite can be changed by the way it is processed. The surface of granite can be smooth or rough. There are 3 main types of Vietnam Granite on the market: polished granite, polished granite and flamed.

Application of granite in construction

In the field of construction, Vietnam Granite is applied to many projects from large to small scale, from hotels to restaurants, from offices to households,…

– Decoration of modern dining table, kitchen counter, bar: Thanks to its waterproof property, Granite stone is the first choice for these items. The colored stones commonly used for kitchen countertops are gray or black.

– Granite for flooring: Vietnam Granite is also used for flooring because it is safe for health and not easy to scratch and break.

– Granite used to decorate stairs and elevators: Making elevator cabin floors, used to decorate elevator doors, family elevator doors.

– Granite is also used for tiling toilets, washbasins, sinks, Vietnam Vanity, tombstone, monument

– Granite for kitchen top


On the market today, there are many units specializing in providing furniture made from Vietnam Granite, however, the most prominent is VTstones, because we provide a professional service with many advantages:

– Receive construction orders with all interior equipment: our product system meets all your needs for interior equipment from dining room to bathroom and more.

– Closed exploitation and manufacturing process, direct distribution channel facilitates reducing production costs, helping products have competitive prices compared to the overall market.

– Good price policy for large orders and long-term partners.

– Modern factory system, advanced techniques allow us to shorten construction time and quickly deliver goods. We are also capable of receiving large orders in a short time.

– Diverse models, high aesthetics: we accept to provide a variety of interior equipment according to your requirements: stone tables, vanity cabinets, kitchen shelves, kitchen counters, …

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