The kitchen is the place to keep the fire for the family home with delicious meals, so the kitchen plays a very important position in the house. However, how to keep this space looking neat while you have to use it every day. The answer is “kitchen cabinets”.


In the design spaces, the use of cabinets is the optimal storage solution. With the right size installed in the kitchen, you can store everything from dishes to spices, utensils… VTstone suggests you a few kitchen cabinet design ideas that will suit your needs. your kitchen:


1. Showcase kitchen cabinets

Depending on the spacious or narrow size of the space, a suitable design is one that ensures that the kitchen layout is not disjointed. Showcase kitchen cabinets are often suitable for spacious kitchen spaces, aesthetic and artistic design style.

2. Sliding door wall cabinet

If your kitchen space is a bit limited then sliding door wall cabinets are the perfect solution for your kitchen. The kitchen cabinet as a part is completely hidden behind the sliding door layer, opening up a storage space.

3. Modern “pocket door” kitchen cabinets

Pocket doors” kitchen cabinet, a type of cabinet with large outer and inner doors divided into many other smaller compartments are installed on each side of the cabinet. When closed, the cabinet will be no different from large doors, however, when opening or sliding the cabinet door, there will be a system of small shelves inside. This is a great option for small kitchens.

4. Cabinets around the kitchen table

The system of common kitchen cabinets is often installed around the cooking stove. With plenty of storage space, you can keep a lot of things either by the kitchen cabinets above or by the cabinets below the faucet.

5. Removable kitchen cabinets

The use of removable kitchen cabinets with “mobile” wheels is quite useful and flexible so that you can easily move anywhere, and easy to install and clean.

6. Coordinate cabinets

The combination of cabinets and kitchen shelves helps to increase the usable area of ​​your kitchen, helping to streamline bulky kitchen appliances such as microwaves, ovens, whisks or spice jars.


Based on the above suggestions, you can absolutely choose the right kitchen cabinet for your kitchen. However, the kitchen is a space with high humidity, easy to create conditions for the production of bacteria that are harmful to health, and easy to stick to odors. Not only that, the surface of the kitchen cabinet is also easy to contact with dirt, water, etc. Therefore, it is very important to choose materials to make kitchen cabinets that are durable, safe for health and resistant to water and bacteria. VTStone introduces to you a system of Vietnam kitchen cabinets, Vietnam granite kitchen countertops to meet your needs.

Please choose VTstone:

– Vietnam kitchen cabinets are made from high quality Vietnam granite, good impact resistance, high gloss. Not only that, Vietnam kitchen cabinets are not dirty, waterproof, greaseproof, so it is easy to clean. VTStone is based on a closed, standardized Vietnam granite processing process. You just need to provide the product requirements and desired size, we will craft and send it to you.

– We own a direct distribution channel without intermediaries, minimizing costs, so we have the best price in the market. VTstone also has a good price policy for large orders and long-term partners.

– We are the supplier of interior equipment for many projects of famous partners such as: Hilton hotel group, Holiday Inn hotel, Courtyard Marriott hotel brand, …

– We accept orders and deliver worldwide with fast delivery time, ensuring construction progress for your project


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