Vanity Vietnam cabinet, a new product line of VTStone was recently launched. Not only a wide selection of designs, sizes, and functions for diverse needs, but this collection also offers smart storage with advanced technologies that meet the strict standards of the market cabinet. Not only that, this bathroom cabinet model also has a great combination with a lavabol, a faucet or a hanging mirror, etc. to help the bathroom become more neat and modern.


Vietnam vanity cabinet is a product that brings a lot of functions to your bathroom:

– More than just a cabinet, VTstone’s Vietnam vanity cabinet is also an interior device that elevates your bathroom. With diverse designs, models and high aesthetics, VTstone’s Vietnam vanity cabinets are suitable for all interior design styles.

– With the feature of integrating cabinet, mirror and sink in just one product, vanity Vietnam cabinets help save space, creating more space for use in the bathroom.

– Not only convenient for storing and preserving utensils, using Vanity Vietnam cabinets also helps to preserve utensils to avoid contact with water and bacteria, ensuring safety for health.

– Made from Vietnamese granite – a durable and high-quality material, Vietnam vanity cabinets are resistant to deformation in high humidity conditions.

– Design Vietnamese vanity cabinets with cabinet doors, drawers opening and closing gently and easily. The door opening angle is more than 90 degrees for easier access.


A few notes when using Vanity cabinets:

– Avoid direct contact with water (recommended to use glass partition in shower area)

– Regularly clean to avoid bacteria and mold. You should use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the cabinet. Avoid strong detergents.

– Avoid strong impact from the outside environment to increase durability and product life


Vanity cabinets, which are often exposed to water and wet areas, VTStone recommends that customers use product lines made from Vietnam granite. Vietnam vanity cabinets are diverse, rich in colors and textures that will contribute to creating a bathroom space that meets your requirements and expectations.

VTstone is committed to bringing you quality products at the best price. You just need to provide us with your requirements and specifications, we are committed to manufacturing products and delivering worldwide to you in the fastest time possible, ensuring the construction progress of your project. customers.

Not only that, VTstone is also a direct distributor of products to customers, minimizing intermediary sales channels and reducing costs. Therefore, we have the best price list in the market. VTstone also has a good price policy for large orders and long-term partners.

We are the supplier of interior equipment for many projects of famous partners such as: Hilton hotel group, Holiday Inn hotel, Courtyard Marriott hotel brand, …

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